More than custom

The obvious advantage to commissioning any bespoke article is fit, but the true meaning of "bespoke" goes well beyond that. It entails that the item is handmade by a craftsman with a singular focus on creating the highest quality result without concern to cost. This can't be achieved through drop down customizations on a website and must be a result of meaningful conversations between you and the maker. Through the bespoke process, you gain much more than a piece of art that you can wear. You gain a friend in the community and the fulfillment that you're shopping for the long term not only for yourself, but for the artisan you're supporting.

While the US abounds with brands that cheapen the meaning of "bespoke" and "handmade", Old House Provisions spares no expense to provide something that is becoming increasingly rare - a true bespoke experience.

The last comes first

The process begins with a meeting to take the clients' measurements and discuss their desires for their shoes. Those measurements are then taken back to the workshop and used to sculpt a completely unique form, called a "last," that the shoes will be made around.

Fitting shoes

Once the last is sculpted, a pair of fitting shoes is made to verify the fit and highlight any adjustments that need to be made. This stage is also a great opportunity to tweak the shape of the shoes and the design of the upper.

The Make

Once fit is achieved, the final shoes are made entirely by hand using traditional bottoming methods and materials. This process alone can take over 100 hours for a single pair.

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