Meaningfully Made

Old House Provisions is a new kind of menswear store, stubbornly focussed on "the make." From our own bespoke shoes, made on premises by founder, Drew Altizer, to tailoring and workwear from our favorite brands, everything here is the best that can be found, often without exorbitant brand premiums. The aim of Old House Provisions is to bring the pursuit of perfection in artisanal shoemaking and menswear back to the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia area.

Altizer to Old House

Drew Altizer created Old House in his home state of Virginia in 2022. The name Old House comes from his last name, which is the Americanized version of the German Althauser meaning someone that lives in an old house. Traditional craftsmanship in a time before mass production, whether it be of houses or shoes, required building things to last. Drew and Old House Provisions are committed to carrying on this tradition.
Given the lack of shoemakers in the US, he had to travel all over the world to train. While he was primarily schooled in the Florentine tradition, he also worked under British and Japanese masters, and rounds out his experience with additional Hungarian and American influences.